Clear Stale Session on Raritan Dominon SX Console Server


I needed access to a Nexus switch located remotely. The switch was connected to a Raritan Dominion SX ii console server but I could not connect as the port was busy. After checking that no-one else was on this switch I established that it was due to an old stale session that had not been timed out by the Raritan. I performed the ‘userlist’ to display the users currently logged in.

admin > userlist

Active user number: 2
Status | User Name | Session ID | Port | From
5268 min idle | admin | n_13454356 | 4 |
*active | admin | n_51345354348 | RC |


Although it’s not well documented there is a command to clear any sessions manually from the CLI.

1. You first need to enter maintenance mode by typing ‘maintenance’ from the top menu.

2. Then the command to clear a session is ‘logoff’. There are multiple ways of clearing the session (I used port in this instance)

admin > Maintenance > logoff

Force close of specified session.

user – Close all sessions for the specified user by name. (String)
session – Close the session by identifier number or all sessions.(ID/all)(String)
port – Close sessions on the specified port by name or number.(String)
address – Close all sessions from the specified remote address.(IP address AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD where each part is in the range 0-255, or x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x, x = 1 to 4 hex digits, use :: for zero compression)